Adult non-swimmers and beginners Lessons

1-to-1 (30 minutes or I hour)

We offer One-to-one lessons for adults in order that the lesson is tailored for your specific needs and to enable the most rapid progression.

There are many adults who cannot swim for a variety of reasons.

Fear of the water is a very common factor. Many non-swimmers and beginner swimmers fear the water entering the eyes, nose and ears; therefore, our Instructor’s will be in the water showing you techniques of how to breathe whilst in the water. Before beginning to teach you to swim, to ensure you are relaxed in the water.

Many adults may have learnt to swim but then lost their confidence maybe due to illness or just lack of time in their busy lives to visit the pool.

Learning to swim for the first time or as a refresher will be so much more enjoyable in a small quiet pool, where the water is undisturbed by other swimmers. Many non-swimmers can be extremely nervous therefore a warm pool will help the pupil to relax. The Instructor will always be in the pool.

The pool being 1.2 metres in depth means that pupils will be able to stand on the pool floor and therefore feel in control and safe by not being out of your depth.

We teach without the use of armbands, we use the support from an instructor and use noodles and floats.

Parents with young children often feel unable to take their children to the swimming pool or feel unsafe to let their children swim on holiday. This is understandable, by learning to swim this will help you and your children have fun together at home whilst visiting the pool and of course whilst on holiday.

Adults who can already swim can improve their swimming with private tuition, each swimmer will have their lesson tailored specifically for their requirements.

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